This with the combination of our customers' requirements and market surveys together allows us in fulfilling their demands.
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About Us

Maximizing The Sales Of Our Customers By Offering Them Plastic Sheets, Black HIPS Sheet, Etc.

Whatever Hare Krishna Polyfilms Pvt. Ltd. does is measurably better than others in the domain. It is because of our Director, Mr. Kapil, following whose footsteps, we have made ourselves the best manufacturer in the domain of PVC Transparent Sheet, HDPE Sheets, Plastic Sheet, Poly Films and many more. With an integrated manufacturing facility and now by seventeen years of experience across the nation, we have learned that one thing that is always above all which is 'customer'. A successful business owner is one who very knows how to fulfill the demands of customers while gaining maximum profitability. Keeping this aspect in view, we only believe in making our customers happy but not by lying to them, but by being fair in business dealings. Adhering strictly to our commitment has certainly helped us in gaining immense popularity not only within the boundaries of our region, but across the country while achieving an annual turnover of INR Five Crores in the last year.

Quality Excellence

As per the present scenario of market, people only look for quality factor while buying any product. It has become more than once thought to be a mere image factor

Design and Fabrication

We keep looking to grab new opportunities and overcome all the challenges that may occur in producing quality products. It is because of our R&D team
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