Acrylic Pvc Sheet
Acrylic PVC sheets we deal in can be used for windows, canopies, wall partitions and lighting fixtures, instrument panels, windshields, and mirrors. They serve both residential and commercial purposes.
PVC Transparent Sheet
PVC Transparent Sheets are demanded for several commercial purposes. These eco-friendly sheets are non-toxic in nature and boast of exceptional strength. These have resistance against flame and chemicals.
Hips Sheet
HIPS sheets are easy to fabricate sheets, which work as advanced good insulator. These sturdy and durable sheets are offered with strong impact resistance. These easily processed sheets are simple to paint and glue.
Plastic Sheets
Plastic sheets are demanded for large commercial buildings as well as industrial areas. The sheets are of high strength and function as the excellent choice. Supplied water-resistant sheets are available with many colors and textures.
Antistatic Sheet
Antistatic sheets we offer are suited for several applications. These are utilized for making conveyor line covers, glove boxes, static control shields, electronic equipment and more. The sheets ensure high protection against static electricity destruction.
Extruded Sheets
Extruded sheets are offered with optical clarity, thickness tolerance and good light transmission. These are suited for applications where complex shapes are essential. These cost-effective sheets are demanded for economical production runs.
Display Stand Sheet
Display Stand Sheets are demanded for display, sign, printing, and advertising industries. Many types of displays are created with the help of these sheets. Thickness range of sheets is 1.8-30 Millimeter (mm).
HDPE Sheets
HDPE Sheets are highly resistant to mold, rust, corrosion, and decaying. These incredibly durable sheets can be used in all environments. These long-lasting, sheets are resistant to waxes, acids, greases, and thinners.
PVC Foam Board
PVC Foam Board we deal in is apt for several commercial purposes. This is an-friendly and non-toxic board, provided with ultimate strength and high durability. It has high resistance against flame and chemical.

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